Attempting the 5 AM Club for 30 days – Wish me luck


Those of you who know me would recognise that I am a hard-headed pine nut – perhaps not the best way to describe myself, but it’s 6.28 am, at it’s my first time waking up at 5 AM in a long time (cue: school bus days).

You read that right, I am attempting the 5 AM Club. Generally, after reading a book, I close it, and at most think about the values or drama for days. This time, I am actually making an experimental commitment so that I too can review this method.

Before I start, I would recommend reading the book, or at least a summary if you’re still wondering what this is all about.

Does it really work?

You may have heard of the 5 AM Club through your friends’ posts about how their lives are transformed. Is it me, or were these people already successful?

Today, I bring to you, the 5 AM Club, attempted by the most average Jane! Only for 30 days. I sense an immediate regret upon typing this, but what’s done is done. Let’s try this for 30 days and we’ll see if I too, will be as successful as these 5 AM Clubbers.

Having read the book, I understand why this method could work. It’s quite straightforward, in theory. It’s a concept by Robin Sharma, where you wake up at 5 AM, and do 20 minutes of exercise, 20 minutes of journaling and 20 minutes of reading. It creates discipline and perhaps gives you a sense of fulfilment, as you would have three hours of me-time. This is a significant time to have for yourself, especially now that we are all burned out.

As I mentioned, it’s straightforward, in theory.

Day 1 of attempting the 5 AM Club – How’s it going?

Out of the three things above, I only successfully woke up at 5 AM – this commitment was mainly towards the Euro semi-finals, but the Club may have a slight influence, or so I’d like to think. For the sake of the Club, I’d like to think that blogging = journaling.

I also made my bed, which is an improvement because it’s only usually done during my lunch break – the perks of working from home.

Our country is still in lockdown, for the third time. The rules won’t allow me to jog before 7 AM, and today, that shall be my excuse for not working out. I will though, in the evening.

Is it easy?

It’s not entirely easy being up so early when everyone else is asleep. The snores around me are louder, my eyelids are heavier, and April has not even bothered kissing me good morning.

All that said and done, it’s only Day 1 today, and I choose not to ramble on. I will continue to blog about this to share my experience. As I type this last sentence, I can already smell the aroma of coffee telling me that I am ready to read. Now let’s see if I can start an empire.

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4 Comments on “Attempting the 5 AM Club for 30 days – Wish me luck”

  1. Great start Niresh. Your Bro got this book for me 2 years ago. It’s a calling for me I presume. I’m very much motivated. Thank you for the good tidings. Blessed Be child!

    • Thank you so much. I had this book for about 2 years too. The whole idea of being pulled into a ‘cult’ forcing me to wake up at 5am didn’t sound very inviting to me then. Boy, how wrong was I HAHA. Do read it, let me know what you think!

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