Her World – Pilot

Her World

This Ends Tonight

There’s not much love, not much care, hell if it all ends tonight, no one would even notice, she thought.

She started pacing and went back to that world where she’s loved and accepted.

On this side, she’s an accomplished actress, a singer, or sometimes even a princess. It was beautiful, she thought.

On this side, she has a beautiful girlfriend, a brunette with a pixie cut — the kind you see in movies. In fact, she is a character from the movies. This is perfect, she thought.

On this side, she is a superstar — she has fame, money, a loving family. What more can I ask for, she thought.

Everything that she lacks, she creates. Everything that isn’t, there is in her world.

With a stimulant in one hand, and her head in another, this ends tonight, she whispers.

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