Her World – Episode Two

Her World


It was two years ago when Aisha got caught shoplifting in a boutique in the high streets of Kuala Lumpur. Instead of reporting the incident, Sofea, who was then the owner of the store, helped her escape scot free.  

Months later, they bumped into each other at a dance festival where Aisha performed alongside two other dancers. She danced so gracefully that Sofea could not keep her eyes off Aisha. Interested, Sofea approaches Aisha and buys her a drink. The two ended up in bed that night.

The next day, Aisha attended a job interview in a mid-sized law firm called Aziz, Chong & Associates located just south of the City Centre. That was when she met Alex for the first time – the day she was appointed as Alex’s secretary. Alex is a partner in the firm who has been in practice for over 10 years. Alex was impressed by how Aisha carried herself during the interview and did not hesitate in making the decision to go ahead with her appointment – a decision he has not regretted to date.  

Aisha continues to meet Sofea every other night, until one day, when she bumped into Sofea during an office event which was held in the City Centre. The event was held to celebrate the firm’s five-year anniversary. Sofea attended the event as Alex’s date – the two have been dating since high school and Aisha only learns about this on that day.

Shaken, she rushes home, drowns herself back to her daydreams – her coping mechanism. Being a chronic maladaptive dreamer, Aisha has always loved this aspect of her life and has never made any attempt to stop them. In fact, she leaps into these daydreams the moment she feels a slight discomfort. The ‘characters she has invented are too perfect to the point she feels the need to ‘speak to them’ every night, or day.

 Sofea visits her that night to explain herself but to no avail. Aisha was a lot more invested in her sorrows and ended up overdosing on tranquilisers that night.

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