Her World – Episode Three

Her World

The Little Girl in a Yellow Dress

‘Hi Alex, Sofea is here to see you’ Aisha alerts him at the door, barely making an attempt to step in to his office.

He looks up and walks towards the lift without uttering a word to Aisha.

She is not sure if this means he’s about to meet Sofea at the lobby or if he’s heading straight to his car. To be quite frank, she did not care.

Its 5, I should probably head home. She packs up and heads to the car park where she bumps into Benny, her therapist, whom she has not met since she started seeing Sofea. Her office is attached to a mall so it’s not uncommon to run into acquaintances sometimes.  

‘Hi Aisha, it’s been a while. How have you been?

‘Oh I am fine. I am seeing someone now.’ She lied. She knows that her relationship with Sofea is complicated, but she’s gotten comfortable with her. It is only with Sofea that she able to live in the moment. As much as Aisha enjoys her daydreams, she knows it has affected her productivity and her social life. She would much rather be at home pretending to live her daydreams than to go out. However, things changed when Sofea came into her life.

 ‘That’s wonderful! Alright, I need to go. You know where to reach me’ Benny replies knowing well that Aisha needed her space at this moment. Benny met Aisha for the first time when she came to his office seeking therapy. She was referred to him by a police officer who saved her from a suicide attempt she made four years ago.

‘See you, Benny.’ She responds, relieved that she did not have to explain her ‘relationship’ further.

She sees the same little girl waving at her from the orphanage she grew up in during her drive home. At this point, she’s suddenly not sure if this girl is real or if it’s merely a figment of her imagination – this doesn’t make sense. Why is she always in that yellow dress? Why is she always holding that bottle in her hand? Why is she always in the same position? Who’s that lady holding her hand?

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