Her World – Episode Seven

Her World

Traumatic Dissociation

It is entirely normal to dissociate from a traumatic experience to the point a person may not remember that the particular event happened at all. Benny recalls a speech by Professor Crane from Harvard University while scrolling through his notes on Aisha when a sentence caught his attention – A knows about traumatic dissociation.

Benny paused; he looked around his office to see if Linda, his secretary, was still around.

‘Do you mind getting me coffee?’ Benny asks Linda.

‘Don’t you have a date?’ Linda reminds him of his dinner date. It’s his wife’s birthday today and he had promised to take her out.

‘Oh, no! I better get going. Thanks, I owe you one.’ Benny grabs his keys and leaves the office.

‘You owe me about a hundred now, boss.’ Linda responds sarcastically.

They both laugh and Linda leaves the office moments after Benny.

The date goes extremely well. Benny and May have been married for five years and today, Benny finds out that they are expecting their first child together. He was over the moon as they have been trying to conceive for a long time.

As they lie next to each other, he stares into May’s eyes and goes on to give her a peck on her forehead while playing with her hair. He notices the bags under her eyes from her lack of sleep; and the scar on her cheek from the pimple she had a few weeks ago. He goes on to give her another peck on her lips. He smiles from the scent of her raspberry chapstick which reminded him of the first time they kissed.

‘Same chapstick eh?’ Benny teases her as he continues to kiss her.

‘Some things don’t change.’ May replies as she pulls him closer.

The next morning, he heads out earlier than usual and to his surprise, there was a tall man in a blue uniform outside his office. It was only 8.15am; Linda usually comes in around 8.30am.

‘Hi officer, can I help you?’ Benny asks the man, confused.

‘Yes. Can I come in? You’re Mr Benny, right?’ The officer asks, just to be sure.

‘Yes I am. May I ask for your ID? Don’t get me wrong, just formality.’ Benny asks the officer.

‘Of course! Here you go.’ The policeman allows Benny to take a picture of his ID.

‘Please have a seat; I will get back to you shortly.’ Benny is not sure of the state he left his office in from his rush the night before, and he is glad that he made the officer wait outside. There was a notebook on his chair, and the laptop was not turned off. He puts the notebook on the table, shuts his laptop and heads out to call the officer in when he walks into Linda flirting with the officer, which he sensed from her body language.  

‘Sorry, I was just talking.’ Linda blushes.

He smiles at her and calls the officer in. ‘Mr Haikal?’ He noticed the officer’s name from the ID.

‘Yes coming.’ Haikal gets up and walks to Benny’s office as he winked at Linda.

‘Before we start, I have to warn you that I am not allowed to disclose confidential matters unless someone’s life is at risk.’ Benny alerts Haikal.

‘I am afraid, it is. I am sure you’ve heard of the name Gabriel, the Minister’s son? He now goes by the name Alex.

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