Her World – Episode One

Her World

You Owe Me

Aisha’s alarm goes off, it’s 7am. Determined to end her habit, she force starts her daily routine – yoga, and a quick shower before her commute to work.

During commute, Aisha’s mind wanders again, but she immediately snaps out of it.

The perk of being early to work is that she is able to park at her favourite spot, which is right next to the elevator.

Hmm, good day, she thought.

However, Aisha’s ‘good day’ did not last long. She bumped into her boss, Alex, in the elevator. They acknowledge each other with a nod and awkwardly stare at the floor display screen.

Alex had just broken up with his long term girlfriend. The rumour is that he caught her with another man on his bed. She knew that this means he’ll probably drown himself in work, and being his secretary, she drowns too. 

At sharp 9, he calls her in to his office to discuss his daily agenda and lets her know in passing about his break up. As his secretary, she is ought to know these things, for you know, damage control, in case anyone asks. She is aware that she is no Donna from Suits and neither is he a Harvey Specter, so the drama that ensues that day was nothing Netflixy apart from the expected office gossip, something even Alex knows he can’t stop.

The day goes on as usual, until Alex’s ex, Sofea, calls the office, at around 4.40 pm, to ask to let her in so that she can ‘work things out’ with Alex. He refuses her request but Sofea uses her ‘you owe me’ card against her. You bitch!

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