Her World – Episode Four

Her World

Fourth Time in a Row

When she gets home, she parks her car at her usual spot next to her neighbour’s red Honda. It felt like any other day as she walked past the corridor towards her house. She could smell the curry from her neighbour’s house; she could hear his kids running about, probably fighting for the TV remote.

It is 9pm by the time she finished her dinner – a simple salad she managed to whip up with whatever that is left in the refrigerator.

Aisha goes to bed early skipping the usual routine of having a glass of whiskey at the end of the night.  She ponders about the little girl she keeps seeing every day in the orphanage building which has been shut for about 10 years now due to a fire caused by street protestors that took away 32 lives.

She remembers that night so vividly – her friends running about screaming for help, her caretakers trying to rescue them, fire-fighters risking their lives trying to save her friends and what she knew as family. Unfortunately, there were only two survivors that night – Aisha and Gabriel, another orphan who got adopted by a politician soon after the unfortunate event. Aisha was placed in another orphanage after the incident and left the orphanage right after high school.  

She wakes up in cold sweat and checks her phone, it is 3.12am.

That’s the fourth time in a row! She gets up confused. Why does this keep happening?

She heads to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of wine hoping that she will be able to fall asleep with the help of some alcohol. She tries to catch up on her favourite show on Netflix when she hears a loud bang on the door followed by a little girl’s scream.

She knows that it isn’t wise to open the door knowing well that ghosts loiter at night – according to the movies she has watched at least.

However, she takes small steps towards the door, making sure that whatever that screamed, will not hear her footsteps. She looks through the keyhole but she does not see anyone.

‘Maaaa!’ She hears the scream again, followed by another loud bang on her door!

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