Her World – Episode Eight

Her World

What A Coincidence

Sofea visits her sister, Sonya, after a long time. She was greeted by the twins, Bella and Benita.

‘Aunty Sofy! Why didn’t you come for our birthday? Mummy made unicorn cake and there were fairy lights everywhere. We missed you.’ Bella moans.

‘I’m so sorry sweethearts; I was caught up with work. Look what I brought!’ Sofea consoles them as she takes out two small scooters out of her Jeep, which didn’t look very small next to the twins.

‘I’ll take the pink one!’ Benita shouts in excitement.

‘That leaves you with the pretty purple scooter, as pretty as you.’ Sofea tells Bella upon noticing her pout. Bella gives a big grin and rides off with her new scooter.

‘You’re early.’ Sonya makes a sarcastic comment while smirking with her arms folded.

‘Well, it runs in the family doesn’t it?’ Sofea responds as she hugs Sonya. The last they met was during their father funeral a year ago. ‘These kids have been giving you a good workout I suppose? You’ve lost weight.’

‘Well, I don’t have you around to try new cafes with.’ Sonya counters. She was right. Growing up, the sisters were inseparable. They called themselves the cake connoisseurs, even had a verified Instagram page dedicated to sharing their love for dessert with the world. The page is still active though; it’s run by Sofea’s secretary now.

The smell of beef rendang fills up the air as Sofea walks into the house where the sisters grew up in. It’s a big house with five bedrooms, and a backyard large enough to hold an event for 200 people. ‘Ah home!’ she whispers.

‘How’s Aisha?’ Sonya asks her sister with a cheeky smile on her face.

‘Well, we don’t talk now. Alex and I almost broke up, I mean we did. But we’re working things out. I think I’m serious about him now. I love him you know; and Aisha, but..’ Sofea lets out a big sigh.

‘I mean, gay relationships are forbidden. So Alex is probably a better bet. Plus he’s richer isn’t he?’ Sonya jokes.

‘Shut up! Now where’s the rendang I smell?’ Sofea asks as she notices the two missed calls from Aisha, and seven from Alex?

She attempts to call Alex but to no avail. It’s either his phone is switched off, or he’s in a place with poor connection. Ugh Digi!  

‘You seem worried. Is everything okay? Sonya asks as she was setting the table up for dinner.

‘Yeah, I am. Actually, no. Alex called seven times. But I can’t seem to reach him now. I’m worried for him. He did seem a little distressed this morning.’ Sofea responds as she tries to call him again.

‘It’s probably the stress from work. Plus, isn’t his firm representing the merger case, can’t remember what it is called now.’ Sonya tries to console her sister as she pours her a drink.

‘Yeah, maybe.’ Sofea responds, when she gets a text message from Aisha which surprises her.

Remember that boy I told you about who knows all my secrets from when I was a child. Turns out, his name is Alex now. What a coincidence!

Sofea was extremely confused by this text. Why is she telling me this random piece of information? It can’t be my Alex – he isn’t an orphan.

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